12 September 2022

Five key principles of positive parenting


There are many views of parenting, and each has its own set of best practices. Yes, they can help us determine how to raise a child properly. Here are 5 positive parenting tips:


1. Be present.
Being present for a child is the most crucial act of love. Tell them you love them. Be with them when you are with them.

Not that you have to spend all your time with them, of course. Parents need time and space for themselves too. However, be attentive to them if you’re playing on the floor with them, watching their tennis game or even just having a conversation with them.

You will never regret spending too much time with your children.


2. As often as you can, say “YES.”
I’m not saying that you should buy your kids a toy every time they ask for one. I’m just saying that we are so concerned about having intact children who can take “no” for an answer that we forget that it’s okay to say “yes.” If everyone did that, we’d all be ruined in a day. However, if they ask for something that only requires your time, you can say, “Sure, we can do that! ”


3. Let them clash with the pots and pans.
The old adage that children should only be seen and not heard is my least favorite. What an awful concept! Children are loud in a huge, charming, dazzling way. They have such energy, vigor and passion.

Allow them to scream. Let them walk around the house banging on pots and pans while singing out of tune and letting the dog bark hysterically in the background. Yes, I realize that cacophony is not good for the head, but it is definitely healthy for the heart and mind.


4. Get them in the water if they’re cranky.
Spending a day at the beach or pool is the best approach I’ve found to lift my kids’ spirits and dispel a bad attitude.


5. Read books aloud.
Reading aloud to your child has many benefits, including fostering a love of reading and helping them develop their language. We do it for that reason. But that’s not the reason our children urge us to do it.


For them, seeing you read is spending time with you while doing something they enjoy. Put your heart and soul into every syllable, whether you are reading Llama, Llama Red Pajama for the first time or a million times. This shows your children that you are fully committed to spending time with them.

A quote about reading to children:

” Children should not be made to think of reading as work or a task. It should be given to them as a gift. ”
Kate DiCamillo


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