Smart screen time

🎓 Kids LEARN math, languages etc. on fun apps to UNLOCK time on their favorite apps: games, social networks, streaming.

A parenting challenge,
Kids’ health and future at stake

Screen time per day

During their “awake time”, tweens and teens spend more time on screens than all extra scholar activities combined


Kids are fed very narrow content by algorithms leaving little room for personal development and exploration

1h39/day on Tik Tok (2021 Qustodio study) on 2 or 3 topics
Source Étude Qustodio 2021


The impact on physical and mental health is tremendous

Each hour of screen per day, for kids between 5 to 15, decreases by 15% the chance for them to get a degree and increase by 30% the risk of dropping out without any qualification. Source: hancox R. J. et al study
Source Étude hancox R. J. et al

Onboarding kids

Old parental control apps work top down. Mr Arthur will help kids realize they spend too much time and take responsability in a mediation mini game with their parents.

Reward mechanics

Kids will have to work on cherry picked educative apps to win entertainment credit on their device. Time will become precious !

Cultural content

Mr Arthur cherry picks cultural content renewed monthly. Free of time credit for the kids ! Parents and kids can talk about it!

Off screen experiences !

The In-app shop will offer no screen experiences and products: Educative boxes, outdoor activities, cultural activities books etc...

Mr Arthur is an AI-powered digital coach teaching kids how precious their time is. He is very sad to see kids becoming robots enslaved by their screens.
Mr Arthur AI helps kids analyze their screen time using data from his devices
Then Mr Arthur is going to show kids what they are missing while they are stuck on their screens ! There are so many things to do in the real world !
Your kid will have to do the first step and propose a % of screen time reduction and the introduction of a % of smart time !
You have the final say on your kid’s proposal that should be acceptable thanks to Mr Arthur’s good advices !
Your kid will have access to a curated selection of cultural content, renewed each month. Soon Mr Arthur will have guest stars to promote this monthly selection. One book, a music album, a movie and a documentary…It won’t cost any time credit to encourage kids to open up their mind !


Parents talk about their experience!

46 ans

I didn’t have any problem with my 19-year-old girl, for my son who is 13 it’s a nightmare, we use Apple parental control, he reaches his time limits fast and harass us to get more time, he doesn’t do anything with his life, we need something that help him understand, he doesn’t listen to us anymore


Our 8-year-old son spends a significant amount of time on his tablet and phone. The primary concern is the nature of his activities on these devices. He can watch someone playing video games for three hours straight without realizing how much time has passed. We make an effort to help him, but witnessing him completely lose track of time is truly alarming.



Seeing our friends’ kids totally addicted to their screens, made us realize we had to address the problem with our kids by controlling their device usage and carefully explaining things to them. The addicted kids around us seem sad and troubled.


First learn before having fun...

...but having fun learning !

From languages to maths or general culture, Mr Arthur cherry picks educative apps with proven results thanks to huge free content with a gamified and engaging approach, complementary to school.

A study by New York And South Carolina universities tells us an average 34h spent on Duolingo, is equivalent to a full university semester of language education !

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