Let Your Kids Get Bored!

In a world where digital distractions are omnipresent, boredom has become a rare experience for children. Yet, it is crucial to rediscover the importance of boredom. Let your kids get bored! Boredom is not an enemy to avoid but a valuable ally for their personal and creative development. Let’s explore why it is essential to […]

Connected Parents

The boundary between the connected world and family life is becoming increasingly blurred. While digital devices offer undeniable benefits for work and communication, it is essential that parents adopt responsible practices to preserve the well-being of their families. Here are some thoughts and advice for parents on the conscious use of technology.       […]

Art as a Vector for Growth

Art, in its myriad forms, has always been a powerful vector of human expression. Throughout history, it has served as a mirror to societies, reflecting their beliefs, hopes, and struggles. But beyond its role as a witness to history, art holds a profound and personal influence, particularly significant during adolescence—a period of transformation and self-discovery. […]

Child development: self-esteem

Child development is a complex process influenced by multiple factors, from the family environment to education and social interaction. At the heart of this development lies self-esteem, a fundamental pillar that shapes a child’s personality, academic and social success, and general well-being. New technologies play a significant role in this process, offering unique opportunities as […]

What to do when children watch inappropriate things?

              As children spend more time online, the exposure to inappropriate content has become a growing concern for parents. The internet offers a vast sea of information, but it also harbors content that may not be suitable for young minds.  Understanding the risks associated with inappropriate content and how to protect children is crucial for modern-day […]

Your child’s first phone

                When your child gets their first phone, they are likely excited and a little bit scared. It can be a big change for them and they may not understand everything that is happening. Here are some tips on what to do when your child gets their first phone.   How to talk to your […]

Enhancing children’s online safety

         The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, and children are no exception. With the increasing use of technology, it’s crucial to ensure that children are protected while they are online. The internet can expose children to various dangers, including scams, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and online predators.   According […]

Positive parenting solutions

        All parents occasionally experience pressure or stress, which can make them want to hit their kids, though many parents afterwards regret doing so. However, research indicates that it is ineffective as a method of child punishment. Children who have been smacked may become resentful and aggressive. The bond between parents and children deteriorates and […]

Five key principles of positive parenting

There are many views of parenting, and each has its own set of best practices. Yes, they can help us determine how to raise a child properly. Here are 5 positive parenting tips:   1. Be present. Being present for a child is the most crucial act of love. Tell them you love them. Be […]