11 May 2022

Family sport: a big yes!


Yes, enrolling your daughter in the brand new equestrian center or your son in the same tennis club as his best friend, it requires some conduct that may prevent you from watching your favorite show, but if you were told that sport was the ultimate solution for a less intense teenage crisis?


Sport is indeed excellent for the morale of your children: it is a very effective remedy against anxiety, to allow them to be less stressed and it is up to you to rest! By exercising, your child could also be even smarter: 12 minutes of physical exercise a day would increase the attention and the ability to concentrate in teenagers according to the results of a study published in the medical journal Frontiers in Psychology .


And if you already miss the little one too much when she’s at school and you’re dreading being away from her any longer, well don’t panic, the perfect alternative exists!

And yes, if your teenager needs to play sports, maybe you do too, so why not do it as a family? There are a lot of very fun sports activities to do in Paris, but sometimes simplicity has its effect: why not go swimming and relax your muscles with your children who will be very happy, and even dad if he wants!

But how do you choose where to go swimming?

In Paris, the Pontoise swimming pool is known to be one of the most beautiful: its building is classified as a Historic Monument. In the evening, she dims the lights, illuminating only the pool to let her swimmers splash around to a background of classical music until 11:45 p.m.

So put swimsuits and towels in your bag and go to 19 rue Pontoise!


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