Smart apps for teens  

              As technology advances, the development of smart apps has increased dramatically. Smart apps provide a variety of benefits, including increased efficiency, accessibility, and convenience. These apps have been designed to make life easier for users by providing solutions to various problems. For teenagers, smart apps have become increasingly […]

How is artificial intelligence affecting kids

  How is artificial intelligence affecting kids? We often see the effects of AI through the eyes of working-age adults. And as a result, adult-focused subjects like employment disruption, workplace development, and industrial breakthroughs dominate AI debate.   This overly limited approach ignores a sizable segment of the AI population: children. Despite our preoccupation with […]

IOS 16: Five tips for parents!

  Apple has once again shocked everyone by unveiling its most incredible improvements with IOS 16 being out of the gates. Although this new update provides entertaining possibilities and a whole new lot of functionalities, it also presents safety concerns for children and parents.   Some of these changes may be a little daunting for […]

Khan academy for children

  Mr. Arthur offers families educational apps to help youngsters in their academic and personal development. We recommend in this article Khan academy which we integrate into our reward mechanics (Kids will have to spend time on handpicked educational apps to unlock entertainment time on their device). Khan academy is an online educational platform whose […]