27 June 2023

Discord Parental Controls: Ensuring Safety for Teens



              In today’s digital age, where online communication platforms have become an integral part of our lives, ensuring the safety of teenagers is of paramount importance. Discord, a versatile chat app initially designed for gamers, has evolved into a social networking site for diverse communities.

With its growing popularity and user base, it has become crucial to implement effective parental controls to protect teenagers from potential risks and ensure a positive online experience.


In this article, we will explore Discord parental controls, their significance, and how they can be utilized to create a safe environment for teens.





1. Understanding Discord and its Risks


Discord is a powerful chat app that enables real-time communication through text, voice, and video. While it offers a platform for communities to connect and share interests, it also poses certain risks, especially for teenagers.


The platform allows user-generated content, including explicit language and images, and hosts various communities known as servers.

It is essential to be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to ensure a safe online environment for teenagers.












2. Discord Parental Controls: Family Center


Discord has recognized the need for parental controls and has introduced a feature called “Family Center.”

This feature allows parents to monitor their teen’s friends, joined servers, and direct messages without accessing the content of messages or calls. Similar to parental controls on Snapchat, Family Center aims to promote positive online behavior and provide parents with oversight while respecting user privacy.










3. The Importance of Parental Controls in Social Media Platforms


Discord is not the only platform taking steps to address parental concerns. Other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have also implemented or improved their parental control tools.


These platforms understand the need to provide parents with the means to monitor their children’s online activities and ensure their safety.







4. Federal Regulations and State Laws


While federal regulations regarding social media use remain limited, some U.S. states have started implementing their own laws to address the issue. These laws aim to regulate the usage of social media platforms by minors and protect them from potential harm.

Discord’s implementation of parental controls reflects a shift in prioritizing parents’ concerns and aligns with the evolving legal landscape.






5. Other Social Media Platforms’ Efforts in Implementing Parental Controls


Discord is not alone in its endeavor to enhance safety for teenagers. Major social media platforms have taken steps to improve their parental control features.

YouTube, for instance, allows parents to set content restrictions and screen time limits for their children. Instagram provides tools to manage privacy settings and filter content. Snapchat allows parents to monitor their child’s activities through its parental control feature called “Snap Map.”

TikTok also offers parental controls to manage content accessibility and screen time. These efforts collectively contribute to creating a safer online environment for teenagers.





6. Discord’s Recognition of Parental Concerns


Despite previous concerns and inclusion in the “Dirty Dozen List,” Discord has acknowledged the necessity of parental controls. This recognition highlights the platform’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its teenage users. By implementing the Family Center feature, Discord demonstrates its responsiveness to the concerns raised by parents and guardians.






7. How to Set Up Discord Parental Controls: A Step-by-Step Guide


Setting up parental controls on Discord is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:


  • Open Discord and navigate to User Settings


  • Look for the “Family Center” option and click on it


  • Follow the prompts to set up the Family Center


  • Once set up, you can access the Family Center hub to monitor your teen’s friends, joined servers, and direct messages


By following these simple steps, parents can gain oversight and ensure a safer online experience for their teenagers on Discord.






8. Privacy Settings and Monitoring


In addition to parental controls, Discord provides various privacy settings that can be utilized to enhance safety. Parents should encourage their teenagers to adjust privacy settings to limit interactions with unknown users and control who can message them, join their servers, and scan their direct messages for explicit content. Monitoring a teen’s Discord activity requires open communication and a proactive approach to address potential risks effectively.







9. Tips for Ensuring Teen Safety on Discord


Here are some tips to help parents ensure the safety of their teenagers while using Discord:


  • Engage in open conversations about online safety and the responsible use of chat apps


  • Encourage teens to accept friend requests and engage in private servers only with individuals they know


  • Emphasize the importance of reporting any suspicious or inappropriate behavior to parents or server moderators


  • Regularly review and adjust privacy settings to align with desired levels of safety and privacy


  • Discuss the potential risks associated with sharing personal information or engaging with unknown users


  • Foster a supportive and trusting relationship with teenagers, encouraging them to seek guidance and assistance when needed


By implementing these tips, parents can create a safe and secure environment for their teenagers on Discord.







10. How Discord Compares to Other Chat Apps in Terms of Safety


When comparing Discord to other chat apps, it is essential to consider the safety measures each platform provides. Discord offers a user-controlled environment, privacy settings, and the ability to create small private servers.

While it lacks comprehensive parental controls, its emphasis on user privacy and moderation by server owners contributes to maintaining a safe online environment.

However, it is still crucial for parents to be actively involved, set appropriate guidelines, and engage in open conversations with their teenagers to mitigate potential risks effectively.








        As teenagers increasingly engage in online communities and socialize through chat apps, it is vital for parents to prioritize their safety. Discord’s introduction of parental controls, known as the Family Center, allows parents to monitor their teen’s friends, joined servers, and direct messages without accessing message content or calls. By setting up these controls, parents can ensure a safer online experience for their teenagers on Discord.


It is crucial for parents to actively engage in conversations about online safety, establish clear guidelines, and monitor their teenager’s Discord activity. By combining Discord’s parental controls with other safety measures such as privacy settings and third-party monitoring apps parents can create a secure environment for their teenagers to socialize and communicate online.


Discord’s parental controls provide an additional layer of oversight and safety, aligning the platform with the growing recognition of the importance of parental concerns. By promoting positive online behavior and facilitating a safer environment, Discord aims to ensure that teenagers can enjoy their online interactions while being protected from potential risks.

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Q1: Is Discord safe for teenagers?


Yes, Discord is considered safe for teenagers. It provides a user-controlled environment, privacy measures, and small private servers. However, it is essential to establish clear guidelines and maintain open communication with teenagers to ensure their safe use of the platform.


Q2: How can parents monitor their teenager’s Discord activity?


Parents can monitor their teenager’s Discord activity by setting up Discord’s parental controls through the Family Center feature. This allows parents to monitor their teen’s friends, joined servers, and direct messages without accessing message content or calls. Additionally, parents can utilize third-party apps like Kids360 to track online activity and block inappropriate content.


Q3: What are the potential risks associated with Discord?


Some potential risks associated with Discord include exposure to inappropriate content, interactions with unknown users, and privacy concerns. However, these risks can be mitigated by implementing appropriate privacy settings, engaging in open conversations about online safety, and utilizing parental controls and monitoring tools.


Q4: Can Discord verify users’ ages?


Discord does not verify users’ ages during account creation. The minimum age requirement for Discord is 13. It is important for parents to discuss responsible and safe online behavior with their teenagers and ensure they are using age-appropriate apps and platforms.


Q5: What other safety measures should parents consider on Discord?


In addition to parental controls, parents should encourage their teenagers to adjust privacy settings, accept friend requests and engage in private servers only with known individuals, and report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior. Open communication, trust, and ongoing guidance from parents are crucial for ensuring teen safety on Discord.

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