Kerbal Space Program is a challenge

  Christmas is here! If you are looking for a cool game for your teens to learn about engineering, in a fun and interactive way, we recommend Kerbal Space Program.   Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is an indie space flight simulation video game available on PC, Mac, PlayStation , and Xbox One. The NASA endorsed […]

The impact of video games on kids

      Many new activities that both kids and adults may perform on computers and phones have emerged as a result of the age of technological growth. Children used to gather in groups to play sports, ball games, and other pastimes that required physical contact in bygone ages. Children being shut up in homes with little possibility […]

Nintendo Switch: Our top 5 educational games

Because video games are not only entertaining, they can also provide your children with access to educational content.   We’ve unearthed for you, the best Nintendo Switch games for smarter screen time:   Professor Rubiks:   Remember the Rubiks Cube of your childhood? The timeless puzzle that few people ever manage to defeat and that […]

Video games: what effects on the brain?

With the development of digital technologies, video games have taken an increasingly important place in our society. Whether they are played on a console, computer, telephone or tablet, they have become a leisure activity and even a sport in their own right. For several years now, many studies have been looking at the effects that […]

Switch and parental controls: 5 tips

Switch and parental controls: 5 tips   With more than 5 million units sold in France since its release, the Nintendo Switch has made its way into many homes. A family console par excellence, it is often the first point of entry into the world of video games for many children. Switch and parental controls […]