Social Networks vs. Reality

In our previous discussions on media literacy and combating online disinformation, one crucial aspect deserves deeper attention: the perception of reality through Social Networks. Although briefly mentioned before, this facet of our digital interaction plays a decisive role in shaping our understanding of the world and thus merits a more detailed exploration. This new article […]

Art as a Vector for Growth

Art, in its myriad forms, has always been a powerful vector of human expression. Throughout history, it has served as a mirror to societies, reflecting their beliefs, hopes, and struggles. But beyond its role as a witness to history, art holds a profound and personal influence, particularly significant during adolescence—a period of transformation and self-discovery. […]

Media Education and Online Disinformation

      Disinformation refers to the deliberate spread of false or misleading information aimed at deceiving or manipulating people. Unlike misinformation, which is shared without harmful intent, disinformation is created and disseminated with malicious intent, whether to influence public opinion, discredit adversaries, or sow confusion among the population. By distorting reality and exploiting emotions, […]

Balanced use of Social Media

Social media plays a predominant role in teenagers’ lives. It influences their self-esteem, mental health, and social skills. While these platforms offer unique opportunities for expression and connection, unregulated use can also pose risks. Thus, encouraging a balanced and thoughtful use of social media is essential. Negative Impacts of Social Media More than 1 in […]

Educational Apps: Catalysts for Curiosity

In an era where technology profoundly shapes our lifestyles, educational apps emerge as invaluable tools for fostering self-directed learning and igniting intellectual curiosity among children. They offer a unique avenue to explore new knowledge domains in a playful and interactive manner. This article highlights educational apps that encourage children to explore and discover the wonders […]

Child development: self-esteem

Child development is a complex process influenced by multiple factors, from the family environment to education and social interaction. At the heart of this development lies self-esteem, a fundamental pillar that shapes a child’s personality, academic and social success, and general well-being. New technologies play a significant role in this process, offering unique opportunities as […]

How to help a child with behavior problems at school?

    Addressing behavioral problems in children, especially within the school environment, is a nuanced challenge that requires a careful, compassionate approach. This article seeks to guide parents through understanding the root causes of such behaviors, offering practical advice and strategies to support their children effectively. Let’s explore the multifaceted origins of behavioral issues and […]